Teddy Swims contains multitudes. It’s right there in his name— “Swims” is an acronym for “Someone Who Isn’t Me Sometimes,” and it’s a kind of shorthand for everything he stands for. His voice sounds cozy and rich over all of the many genres he swirls up, from pop and soul on to gospel, hip-hop, and hard rock. But it’s even bigger than the Atlanta singer/songwriter’s rich baritone. To him, the concept refers to empathy, connection, using music to serve a greater good, and staying true to your people. By sticking to those values, Teddy has attracted a following of millions who’ve gravitated to him on the strength of his funk-laced originals and unexpected covers (Shania Twain herself has praised his take on “You’re Still the One”). But getting here has been a wild journey. Teddy grew up in Georgia, a preacher’s grandson with a powerful voice of his own. After various false career starts and a brush with homelessness, Teddy stumbled upon a lifeline in 2019 when he shared a video of him singing Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You.” It took off, leading to more covers—spanning Marvin Gaye to Billie Eilish—that showed off his talent, humor, style, and ease in the studio. In early 2020, the world caught on. He signed with Warner Records and released his first original song, the frisky, funked-up “Picky.” And then came “Broke,” a raucous clap-along anthem about the joys of (finally) making and spending mad cash, followed by a remix featuring Grammy-nominated country star Thomas Rhett. Now, Teddy’s counting down the days until the world can to hear the original sound he’s still crafting, which he says includes “everything from rap to R&B to ’80s metal.” That seem be hard to pin down, but so far he’s proven it doesn’t matter what or how or who he’s singing—Teddy is always Teddy.