With innovation, sophistication and imagination rooted firmly at its core, Quixotic designs avant-garde immersive performance experiences at the intersection of art, dance, music, design, storytelling and technology. Fusing together world-class performers and musicians with state-of-the-art technology, Quixotic continually strives to create live, multi-sensory experiences that exist at the creative apex of the recently possible.

Cirque nouveau, contemporary dance, live musicians and creative technologists all fuse together to harness themes of light, rhythm and expression and instill audiences with invigorating feelings of astonishment and awe. Elements of couture, architecture and diverse interplays with modern art intermittently make their way to the forefront of creation in order to enliven audiences with the pulsating spirit of newly inspired worlds of art.

Production content ranges from experiential event entertainment and site-specific installations to cabaret style shows and contemporary theater productions. Poetic in all approach and with an inherent preservation of artistry, Quixotic engages audiences in riveting environments of expression where borders between audience and performer are erased and layers of the infinite palpably permeate the stage. Embedded throughout all content exists a bona fide call to dreamers to awaken inside their most idyllic dreams.