Widely recognized for her tagline turned international movement, Your Brokenness is Welcome Here, Jordan Lee Dooley is an igniting speaker, author, and influencer.

Jordan’s trajectory began with a small product shop in 2014 that grew into a personal blog. Almost immediately, her posts were going viral and she quickly realized her transparency resonated with a large audience. Now, utilizing her candid writing style with a serious call to action, Jordan creates online resources for women around topics of entrepreneurial life, self-care, relationships, and faith.

Jordan is committed to leading her diverse audience (400,000+ women and growing!) into an environment of confidence and empowerment. Locally, her product shop currently provides employment opportunities for young women to assist in paying for their college education. Globally, Jordan donates 10% of all revenue toward causes supporting women and children in crisis overseas.

Whether it’s a TV interview or speaking on college campuses across the nation, Jordan’s voice, advice, and resources resonate with a broad scope of women—students, new moms, young wives, and business owners.

Embracing her Indiana roots, Jordan shares a simple, country life with her husband, Matt, and their Goldendoodle & chickens. When she’s not traveling or speaking, you’ll usually find her at the office in a t-shirt & jeans, creating new material and collaborating with her team