Hong Kong-born triple threat Jackson Wang is a singer, rapper, and dancer based in South Korea. The multilingual Kowloon native was a childhood athlete but decided to pursue music in his teens when he auditioned for JYP Entertainment in 2010. Successful, he moved to Seoul to begin training, which eventually led to a spot in the hip-hop-influenced K-Pop goup, GOT7. He is currently the lead rapper and dancer of the group which made its debut in early 2014 with the EP Got It?, and topped the Billboard World Albums chart. As Got7 continued their chart dominance, Wang nurtured his own solo pursuits. Following early singles “Some Strange Work” and the booming electronic Pepsi advertising “Generation 2,” he issued the English-language “Papillon” in summer 2017. As a debut solo release, “Papillon,” ranked #1 in QQ Music and topped Billboard’s China V Chart. Within 24 hours of its MV release, “Papillon” landed Jackson on the “Weibo hot topic list” with more than 59 million discussions and 27 million views on Weibo in 2 days. He took a brief step outside the hip-hop world with the sweeping theme for Novoland: The Castle in the Sky, returning with the BOYTOY-produced “Okay” at year’s end. In 2018, another BOYTOY production, “Dawn of Us,” was released. His last 2 singles “Fendiman” (a collaboration with Fendi China) and “Different Game” written, composed, and arranged by Jackson, both immediately topped the iTunes US charts in May 2018. Jackson is also known for his TV appearances and as the face of Fendi, Alibaba, and Adidas in China.